Finding the Motivation to Participate in Your First Fort Lauderdale Turkey Trot and Paddle.

Pablo Urquilla It Feels Good To Live Healthy

With this year’s Fort Lauderdale Turkey Trot and Paddle just weeks away, many people are beginning to prepare to take their place among the runners, joggers, walkers and paddleboarders. For those new to this annual Thanksgiving event you may be looking for a little inspiration, especially when it comes to finding motivation to train. For that, we turn our attention to an inspiration, Pablo Urquilla.

Pablo considers himself a food lover. He told us that it has always been tough for him to maintain a healthy weight. He said that one day, it was like a light switch turn on in his head. He realized he didn’t have to give up eating, he just had to figure out a way to make working out and healthy eating a lifestyle and not just a hobby.

In this edition of It Feels Good To, we asked Pablo a list of questions on finding motivation.

Here are his answers:

Tell us a little about yourselfHello. My name is Pablo Urquilla, and I am the Operations and Event Services Manager for the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. I have lived in South Florida for 20 years and consider Fort Lauderdale my home. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the beach, the pool, movies and theme parks. I try to make working out for at least one hour part of my daily routine.  

Tell us the three words that best describe your body Progress. Unique. Machine!

What is your favorite form of exerciseCircuit Interval Training – a “one stop shop exercise” that works all muscles and combines weight lifting and cardio – Orange Theory Fitness provides the perfect combination of every physical exercise.

The best part of being active isMaking healthier choices. I now know when to stop before I overindulged myself.  It also feels great to have energy throughout the day. Now I have a body that is able to recover much quicker from working out or those in between days.

What is your tip for staying motivated when it comes to exerciseI tackle exercise first thing in the morning.  For me, I am feel more refreshed and have more energy in the early part of the day. I am more likely to make excuses or have circumstances occur that will prevent me from exercising later in the day. I will tell myself I need to stay and work in the office, or I feel exhausted after working such a hard day or my headaches, or I am hungry, etc.

How do you quiet your inner critiqueBy proving to myself that I’m capable of doing something I couldn’t do the before. It’s by taking little steps like increasing my speed a tad when running or pushing myself a few seconds longer when I think I’m about to give up.

I was shocked when I learned my body was capable ofBeing able to exercise at speeds I maxed out when I was a beginner. The progression of exercising has dramatically increased and it’s a great tool of motivation!

This year, I am Thankful forLiving a healthy lifestyle and having the great support from friends and family.

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